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How to assign the value to the min/max of a color map in heatmap?

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I need zero to be yellow and 1 to be green but it is opposite in the heatmap now:
Any idea to reverse this?

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami le 7 Avr 2020
You can flip the colormap summer to get your desired colorscheme.
f = figure;
a = heatmap(rand(10,10),'Parent',f);

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Domenico Lucia
Domenico Lucia le 7 Jan 2021
Hi, i need something similar. I used HeatMap function ad i obtained the two charts in attachment. The max values for the two charts are 1 an 0.857. On the two charts the maxi values (1 and 0.857) have the same color green. I need to rescale the second chart to the maximum value 1 in order to obtain the same colours for the same values in the two charts.

Domenico Lucia
Domenico Lucia le 7 Jan 2021

sogol bandekian
sogol bandekian le 21 Mai 2022
I have same question,How can I show the max and min of bi-variate function with colormap?


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