How to compare a value to a matrix and repeat the comparison after increasing the value

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I am working on an algorithm that compare the vectors' peak locations with the average vector peak location and excluding vectors that their peaks are located over 10 Hz away from the average vector. The average vector peak then it will be included otherwise if the number of vectors included is less than 20 vectors then I should increase the difference in peak location by 10 Hz until it reaches or exceeds 20.
I am not able to create a loop that recompare (RA is the difference between peak locations in Hz) the peaks after increasing V from 10 Hz by 10 Hz every time until the number of vectors I1>=I.
Can you please help me create a loop the recompare RA with V (for k = find(RA<=V))
V=10; I=20; I1=0;
for k = find(RA<=V);
if numel(k)>=I
RI=RV(:,k); I1=numel(k);
elseif I1<I
Ahmed Makki
Ahmed Makki on 17 Jun 2020
In a simpler way, for a given values of A and B. If [array]<=B and if the number of elements in the array that satisfy this condition are equal or greater than A then y=x+1 else increase B by 1 and recompare it with the array elements until both conditions apply.

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Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman on 17 Jun 2020
Hi Ahmed,
Based on your explaination
% find number of elements that satisfy [array]<=B
numOfElements = length(find(array<=B));
% Check if they are greater than A

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 16 Jun 2020
Do you want to find the candidate peaks using islocalmax then select those candidates that are within 10 of your average?
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Ahmed Makki
Ahmed Makki on 17 Jun 2020
Thank you. I know how to determine the peaks locations, but the problem is in creating a loop that increases the number that we compare with until it satisfy conditions. Please find above a clearer discription of the problem that made

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