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How to rearrange multiple results of a function without using for loop?

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Hi there,
I created function Array(k) which produces an array of 1xN element for the input k.
N = 115824;
Array = linspace(1*k,k*N,N)
I want to apply that function to an array of k = 1:115824. I tried with for loop it but it's very slow.
for k = 1:N
result(k,1:N) = Array(k);
Are there any other way to do this task faster and still give me the result as that for loop?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Rafael Hernandez-Walls
Rafael Hernandez-Walls on 14 Jul 2020
Assuming that the initial value of k = 1, then it can be avoided using the
command as follows (see vector B),
N = 11;
Array = linspace(1*k,k*N,N)';
for k=1:N
result(k,1:N) = Array(k);
B = repmat(Array,[1 N])

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