Write a mat file into netCDF file

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I have a mat file with time varying data obtained at different coordinate positions. The rows correspond to different
coordinate positions of a grid and columns correspond to diferent time points. I would like to
save this data in mat file to netCDF format. I would like to know how this conversion can be done.

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Bhupendra Prajapati
Bhupendra Prajapati on 15 Jul 2020
Edited: Bhupendra Prajapati on 15 Jul 2020
Data from the MATLAB workspace can be saved into the variable in the NetCDF file, using the netcdf.putVar function.
For more information you can refer to the link below .
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Deepa Maheshvare
Deepa Maheshvare on 17 Jul 2020
Could you please have a look at this post?

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