How to rotate a solid with revolute joint

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Leeann Newton
Leeann Newton le 15 Sep 2020
Commenté : Vasco Lenzi le 18 Sep 2020
I've created this block and link. I'm trying to make the link rotate on the surface of the block. I've read in the documentation that the z axis should point in the direction that I want it to rotate. However, I cannot seem to get the joint working.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza le 16 Sep 2020
See the attached file for an example.
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Leeann Newton
Leeann Newton le 16 Sep 2020
I have this, but it only works if the gravity is in the Y direction and I'm trying to recreate it without changing the direction of the gravity
Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi le 18 Sep 2020
The joint per se will not rotate if there is no external force acting on it. When you change the gravity to y, you see movement because there is a force. If you have gravity on the z and the system setup as in your pictures, of course it would not move because no force is acting on the joint!
You need to add a torque to the joint to make it move. I'm attaching an example where I give torque for one second and then stop for the other 9 seconds of the simulation. The rod starts rotating and continue to rotate because there are no internal mechanics (damping, friction) acting on the rotation.
Additionally you may not see the movement because the rod is all red with no distinctive mark - I've added a black line as a marker

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