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Memory leak with OPENGL hardware

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 19 Sep 2020
Edited: Bruno Luong on 19 Sep 2020
Context: I have a matlab code that output a complex 3D graphic animation on GUI figure, involving patch, lines, markers, camera light some of them have context menus for user interraction. The animation wiill switch on/off the objects and change the coordinats by SET(...) commands. The graphic is actually two 6-joint robots within a 3D scene.
This code supposes to work continuously for few hours.
There is a huge memory leak if I use
opengl hardware
when the program starts. It eats about 1 Gbyte every 10 minutes, and of course the program just hangs after an hour on a 16 Gb PC.
When I switch to
opengl software
everything is fine and windows show stable memory occupied by MATLAB.
And before someone asks, yes my graphics driver is up to date. This memory leakage happen consistently on different PCs (all with Nvidia graphic card) and across different MATLAB version from R2018b to R2020b.
This bugs me big time, and we are stuck with this work-around.
I have not time to investigate to produce a MWE.
There is no question in my post, just a report. It seems nobody has bumped to this issue yet like me.


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