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Strange behaviour with uigetfile in APPDesigner (not observed in GUIDE)

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Jason on 8 Oct 2020
Commented: Jason on 8 Oct 2020
I am updating my code from GUIDE and have found a strange effect using uigetfile. It works fine in GUIDE.
what happens is when I run this, whilst it works, my app switches and makes the matlab command window come to the front. Althought I can just reselect my app, its not ideal. Thanks for any pointers.
This is my code.
[file,path,idx]=uigetfile({'*.tif';'*.tiff';'*.RAW';},'Load Image',app.startfolder);
where startfolder is defined as a public property
properties (Access = public)
startfolder %starting generic save / load folder
and initiated in the StartupFCN:
function startupFcn(app)
app.startfolder='C:\' ;%starting generic save / load folder


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