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Simulink Model: Saleh Model Block (Cubic Polynomial) Help

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Martha Cash
Martha Cash le 23 Oct 2020
So, I'm doing some research on nonlinearity in HPAs using the Saleh model and I've been using the RF Satellite Link Simulink model to start with. In the model, you can select the HPA backoff parameter (ie: 30dB, 7dB, 1dB). Whenever I select these values, the only parameter of the Saleh model block that changes is the input and output scaling, the alpha and beta parameters stay the same. I'm confused about where the calculations for HPA backoff are taking place. I know the backoff equation depends on the input saturation and average power of the amplifier. However, these aren't parameters in the Saleh Model block and I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how the RF Satellite Link model calculates the input and output scaling corresponding to the HPA backoff selected. If anyone has any insights it be would be very much appreciated!

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