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What release first included anonymous functions?

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I am using the @ operator and I want to inform potential users what version the code works on.
Best, Dennis

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Jan on 6 Feb 2013
Edited: Jan on 6 Feb 2013
This is a very good question. I'm frequently faced with similar problems: Does BSXFUN work in R2006b? Has REGEXP in 6.5 the 'split' option? When did path2rc change to savepath?
I've asked TMW repeatedly in the last years to include a version history for each command, e.g. in a database or the important changes in the docs also. But unfortunately such important data are still not available. Reading the numerous release notes files in the net is not an option, because there are too many of them, they are not complete (e.g. recent changes of STRNCMP have not been documented) and in consequence a failing search is no guarantee that there are no changes.
  • Anonymous functions have been introduced in R14 (Matlab 7.0, June 2004).
  • Function handles are working since R12 (Matlab 6.0, Nov 2000), but until 7.0 feval was required for calling them.

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