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Find the structure name which created the variable

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Mangesh Takkar
Mangesh Takkar on 30 Oct 2020
Edited: Ameer Hamza on 30 Oct 2020
I have one variable which has a structure as an assigned input
Model_output = System_1.SuccessPoints
Model_output =
struct with fields:
Temperature1: [1x1 timeseries]
Temperature2: [1x1 timeseries]
now, as the 'Model_output' has become a structure, how can i extract the name of the structure which created the Model_output after the assignment. Can you please help me?
Input to the code = Model_output
Output = created from 'System_1'
Thank you


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Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 30 Oct 2020
Edited: Ameer Hamza on 30 Oct 2020
Not possible in MATLAB.
A somewhat similar thing can be done by creating a custom handle class and define a parent property, but that is different than creating a struct. Even in that case, you will not get the variable name, just the reference to the original variable itself.


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