In the Matlab command input the following matrices.

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In the Matlab command input the following matrices.
1. A matrix with 2x2 order
2. B matrix with 2x2 order
3. C matrix with 2x2 order
Then do the following operations:
  1. diagonal of (A+B+C)
  2. |ABC|
  3. (A+B)C=AC+BC
  4. det(A)=det(A')
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Jon on 18 Nov 2020
What is your question? I suggest that you first attempt to write some code and then post your code and then ask specific questions regarding problems you may be having with your program. If you need to learn the basics of MATLAB in order to get started I would suggest first completing the MATLAB On Ramp

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 23 Nov 2020
As Jon said, completing the MATLAB Onramp course is recommended to learn the essentials of MATLAB.
Then you can refer to the documentation of the following: trace, mtimes, *, plus, +, transpose, .' and det.

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