Why does my .mat file keep getting corrupted?? 😖

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At the beginning of my script I load my workspace variables..
load SA_Measurements
At the end of my script I save.
I can run the script on the same day without problems. If I come back a month later, I get an error about the file being corrupt and it won't load at all or, like today, it will load some of the variables and show this error: Error using load
Cannot read file /Documents/MATLAB/SubAligner/SA_Measurements.mat.
I've been through many forum posts, but can't find a solution. What am I doing wrong??
Nathan Lively
Nathan Lively on 20 Apr 2021
Hey Robert. Maybe? I have made some changes and have only had the issue once since making the changes.
  1. I changed load SA_Measurements to load('SA_Measurements.mat'). I really don't think that did anything, but I noticed it when I looked up the doc for load.
  2. I changed
The main thing is that I got rid of the -append. I still use it occasionally, but try to avoid it.
I also immediately save a backup of that MAT file on the next line. I have only had to use it once, but was glad it was available.

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