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App designer: is there any way to get a cursor data point value in a colormap plot?

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I am using app designer and when I plot STFT (colormap) there is no way to get any cursor data values.
I was wondering is there there any way to do so or it is not possible at all in App designer?

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Aiswarya Subramanian
Aiswarya Subramanian le 30 Nov 2020
Dear Ali,
Kindly refer to the following links
to see how to get the cursor data point value in app designer. I hope this helps resolve your query.
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Ali Moshrefzadeh
Ali Moshrefzadeh le 30 Nov 2020
Dear Aiswarya,
Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, it does not work. I can get cursor data point value for regular plots but it is not possible to get these values out of a colormap.
Also, I am not sure how they use datacursormode in app designer because I think it is not supported in app designer and I am getting Invalid figure handle error.

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