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How to Include Measurement Label variables in Memory section

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ANIL GUPTA on 27 Nov 2020
Edited: ANIL GUPTA on 30 Nov 2020
In Matlab Model Under custom storage class designer - Autosar4 Package I have configured below memory section
#define %<AUTOSAR_COMPONENT>_START_SEC_%<MemorySectionName>
#include "%<AUTOSAR_COMPONENT>_MemMap.h"
#define %<AUTOSAR_COMPONENT>_STOP_SEC_%<MemorySectionName>
#include "%<AUTOSAR_COMPONENT>_MemMap.h"
Also I have added Measurement label in model defined as below
a = Simulink.Signal;
a.DataType = 'boolean';
a.CoderInfo.StorageClass = 'ExportedGlobal';
a.Description = 'signal';
Now, when I am generating code other global varibles are included under memory section defined above,but measurement label which I have defined above is not getting included in memory sectioning.
is there any way to include meaurement labels in memory sectioning?
currently in .c file it is generating as below---
boolean a; /* '<S13>/Chart'
/* Block signals and states (default storage) */
#include "test_MemMap.h"
DW_test test_DW;
#include "test.h"


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