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Intersection of two vector of string/char type

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Hi.What is an analogue function for "intersect" when the vectors have string entries? For example A(1)='EDP PL',A(2)='VOD LN'. B(1)='VOD LN',B(2)='BNPP FP'.
If I have tow numerical vectors v1 and v2 I can find the intersection and the positions by simply [ig,ind1,ind2]=intersect(v1,v2).
How do I deal with this kind of situation ?


David Hill
David Hill on 29 Nov 2020
[a,b,c]=intersect('EDP PL','VOD LN');%works just fine
Rik on 29 Nov 2020
Your syntax is a bit confusing. Did you mean to use single quotes, or did you mean to use a string data type instead?
Mihai Milea
Mihai Milea on 30 Nov 2020
Hi.I do not understand the first answer ...You intersect the first vector with what? There is just intersect(A) .. ,Yes string data not quotes

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