change in histogram distributions

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Hi, is it possible to flip a histogram around the peak value? I do not want to flip the axis. Just for performing some checks, I want to invert my distribution from negative skewness to positive skewness, keeping the mean value at its original value. any help is appreciated.

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Théophane Dimier
Théophane Dimier on 9 Dec 2020
Edited: Théophane Dimier on 9 Dec 2020
It should be doing the following (considering that a is your input)
hold on
This should plot the histogram and the mirrored histogram.
If you want to force it to rotate around the peak (conservation of the mode of the distribution):
hold on
I hope it answers your question!
Sumera Yamin
Sumera Yamin on 11 Dec 2020
ok, thanks, i understood it now.

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