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How to fix Index exceeds matrix dimensions error?

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Philip Liju
Philip Liju on 13 Jan 2021
Commented: Mathieu NOE on 14 Jan 2021
Kindly have a look at the errors.
Error in expression for 'project_wind/Wind Turbine/wind_speed^3', an input index exceeds its input width of 1
Error in port widths or dimensions. 'Output Port 1' of 'project_wind/Wind Turbine/Wind speed (m//s)' is a [1x1] matrix.


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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 13 Jan 2021
hello Philip
I corrected some minor bugs in matlab function blocks
also lambda_nom is not initialized so I took lambda_nom = 1 to run the code
last point you have to fix is that when pitch_angle is zero , there are division by zeros in your cp(lambda,beta) block
all the best,


Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 14 Jan 2021
so I found the bug in the block cp(lambda,beta) : the indexes of u[ ] were incorrect
the script and simulink gives me now the same values
last point to check : so lambda = 8.1 if wind speed = 12 m/ s ? so i put the gain accordingly - check this please
attached the updated file
Philip Liju
Philip Liju on 14 Jan 2021
This works as I want it to be. Thank you so much for your help .. Really appreciate it

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