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Help with reading the functions inside a library

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Jason on 16 Jan 2021
Commented: Jason on 17 Jan 2021
Is there a reason why the code below cannot find the dll that IS in the directory as shown (there is also the h file with the same name)
[file,path] = uigetfile('C:\Users\Public\PI\PI_Programming_Files_PI_GCS2_DLL\*.dll');
%Remove the extension
[path,name,ext] = fileparts(libname)
%Rebuild without Ext
hname=fullfile(path,name) %Dont need this if same name
libfunctionsview libname
Error using loadlibrary
Could not find file libname.h.
Error in loadlibrary
(here are the library and header files)


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Accepted Answer

Rik on 16 Jan 2021
You first store a filename in a variable, but then you use the Name of the variable to call loadlibrary.
loadlibrary(libname);%this should work better


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Rik on 17 Jan 2021
From your screenshot it looks like your header file doesn't actually have an extension, while the error indicates Matlab expects a .h file. But glad you solved it.
Jason on 17 Jan 2021
Forgive me, but what does 'thunk it' mean

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