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using normrnd to create noise and trying to avoid loops

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Litalo on 20 Jan 2021
Commented: Mathieu NOE on 20 Jan 2021
Hi ,
I have a code which contain while loop to control limits of noise i want to add, but i wonder about a way to make it faster without such loop, im sure such thing exist, so im asking here :-) !
Ok i have parameters n1 and n2 which can take values between [0 15]
and i have wgn1 and wgn2 : wgn1=normrnd(1,0), wgn2=normrnd(1,0) i want that no matter what n1 &n2 will alwyas stay in their limits
this is simple example of such code
% add noise
n1 = n1+sqrt(dt)*wgn1;
n2 = n2+sqrt(dt)*wgn2;
while n1>15 || n1<0
n1 = n1+sqrt(dt)*wgn1;
while n2>15 || n2<0
n2 = n2+sqrt(dt)*wgn2;
so i just need a better way instead of the while loops here (i dont like long simulations)
any ideas can help! :-)

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 20 Jan 2021
sorry, I don't really understand the purpose of your code
rand or randn are random generator of known mean and variance value , so it should be pretty easy to multiply one or the other function by an appropriate factor to get directly what you are looking for

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