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How can I turn the following matrix into an image?

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erfan nori
erfan nori on 22 Jan 2021
Commented: erfan nori on 25 Jan 2021
Hi, I have generated a matrix using the chaos function as follows. Now I want to convert this matrix to a color image with dimensions of 16 x 16 pixels.
for i=2:n
Help me please

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Well, an image of 16 rows, 16 columns would have 256 pixels. That would be the first consideration, after running your code you have the following:
>> whos
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
i 1x1 8 double
n 1x1 8 double
r 1x1 8 double
x 1x6144 49152 double
So, x has 6,144 elements. How would you go from there to 16x16? You may discard, average or many other techniques, but I guess that you need to sort out first the dimensions.
erfan nori
erfan nori on 25 Jan 2021
I will find a very good solution myself, thank you for your efforts

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