YOLO V3 object detection

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aljawharah alkhalifah
aljawharah alkhalifah on 6 Apr 2021
Answered: T.Nikhil kumar on 9 Jul 2022
i have a problem when i try to run yolov3 code i get error like
Error using matlab.io.datastore.internal.buildTransformedDatastore (line 56)
Expected a string scalar or character vector for the parameter name.
where the code in line 56 is
the second error is
Error in matlab.io.Datastore/transform (line 367)
dsnew = matlab.io.datastore.internal.buildTransformedDatastore(varargin{:});
Error in Yolov3 (line 61)
preprocessedTrainingData = transform(augmentedTrainingData, @(data)preprocess(yolov3Detector),
data );
i have attached my code so please if you have any recomandtion let me know

Answers (1)

T.Nikhil kumar
T.Nikhil kumar on 9 Jul 2022
For the second error that you’re facing, I have noticed that you have typed a ‘)’ -- a closing bracket at the wrong position.
Your code at line 61:
preprocessedTrainingData = transform(augmentedTrainingData, @(data)preprocess(yolov3Detector), data);
Corrected line of code:
preprocessedTrainingData = transform(augmentedTrainingData, @(data)preprocess(yolov3Detector, data));
Regarding your first error, I have tried reproducing it by running your code on my system, but I did not face the same error. Also ,I have checked the code at the given line 56 and it is correct according to me. So, you should not be facing the first error
Hope this helps!

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