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How can I get Infrared image from kinect in matlab?

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Laila Kazemi
Laila Kazemi le 26 Juin 2013
I wanna use Image acquisition toolbox to obtain an IR image from kinect. not depth image.

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Jean Michel Franco
Jean Michel Franco le 9 Juil 2014
you can do this, only on the windows version, not the xbox version.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 12 Juil 2014
There is a Kinect toolbox plus lots of stuff in the File Exchange. Did you do a search?

Anchit Dhar
Anchit Dhar le 23 Juil 2014
The IR image from the Kinect for Windows device can be acquired using the 'kinect' adaptor (IMAQ Toolbox).
The IR image is exposed as a format on the Color Device. Here is a code snippet to grab a color image from a Kinect device:
>> vid = videoinput('kinect',1,'Infrared_640x480');
You can use preview/getsnapshot on this object to get the IR image.
Here is a list of all the formats supported on the Kinect device: Kinect for Windows formats

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