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How to display table values

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Brayden Kirk
Brayden Kirk le 29 Avr 2021
Commenté : Walter Roberson le 11 Juil 2024 à 18:46
I am trying to get the command window to show the actual value of my table instead of saying [1x41 double].
Below is my working out:
M; %Array of Maximum values
I; %Array of Index of Maximum values
maxtheta = theta(I);
%%Add Table with A vs M vs I
T = table(A,M,maxtheta,'VariableNames',{'a value','max db value','corresponding angle'})
When i click run, this is what it is displaying:
T =
1×3 table
a value max db value corresponding angle
____________ _____________ ___________________
[1×41 double] [1×41 double] [1×41 double]
How can I get it to show the actual values?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 29 Avr 2021
Make them column vectors with (:)
T = table(A(:), M(:), maxtheta(:), 'VariableNames',{'a value','max db value','corresponding angle'})
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Brayden Kirk
Brayden Kirk le 29 Avr 2021
thank you

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giada le 10 Juil 2024 à 13:23
Hi, how to solve if the A M and matheta variables would be matrix 2x41?
thank you
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giada le 11 Juil 2024 à 8:10
Modifié(e) : giada le 11 Juil 2024 à 8:10
I got to assign variables and finally that's what I get:
2×2 table
a b
____ _________
1500 1×7 table
2000 1×7 table
a nested table. I would like to see what is inside those tables!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 11 Juil 2024 à 18:46
You cannot get the default display of tables to expand nested tables.
table() objects are not primarily intended for display purposes. There is very little customization available for the display of table() objects.

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