How to shorten the amount of decimals?

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Garrett on 20 May 2021
Commented: Steven Lord on 20 May 2021
I keep getting really long numerical values as output:
An =
How can i reduce this to only a couple decimal places?
Entire code for reference:
N = 19;
AR = 6;
n =1:2:N;
b = 6;
Vinf = 1;
c = 1;
deltay = b./(N+1);
y0n = -(b./2)+n.*deltay;
syms alpha
A = sym('A', [1, N]);
A = A(1:2:end);
Pi = sym(pi);
theta = (linspace((Pi/6),(Pi/2),numel(n)).');
S1 = sum(A.*sin(n.*(theta)));
S2 = sum(n.*A.*(sin(n.*(theta))./sin((theta))));
eq1 = (2*AR/pi)*S1+S2 == alpha;
[A,b] = equationsToMatrix(eq1, A);
x = linsolve (A,b);
An = vpa(x)

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 20 May 2021
Use the digits function.
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 May 2021
You can instead call vpa with two inputs if you don't want to affect the number of digits for future calls.

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