How to save obtained information from matlab in Excel

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I want to create some random matrices and compute some features like determinant, trace, etc., for them and then save them in a row for each matrix like this
I know how to create random matrices with rand(A) and how to compute their features by matlab but my question is that how can I save my obtained information in Excel.
I was wondering if someone could help me about my problem.
Thanks in advance.

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 4 Jun 2021
See if this doc page helps: Write Data to Excel Spreadsheets
Mojtaba Mohareri
Mojtaba Mohareri on 5 Jun 2021
Dear Mr. Kraus, I could write the following code thanks to you:
clear all;
N=20; % the number of matrices
m=5; % the dimension of matrices
filename = 'Langari.xlsx';
for n=2:N+1
bounds = [-2,4];
A = rand(m,m) * range(bounds) + bounds(1) % creating a matirx with entries in range of [-15,10]
B(n,2)=nnz(A)/numel(A); %the sparsity rate
B(n,3)=nnz(tril(A))/numel(A); % the lower nozero rate
B(n,4)=nnz(diag(A))/numel(A); % the diagonal nozero rate
B(n,5)=nnz(triu(A))/numel(A); % the upper nozero rate
B(n,6)=norm(A,1); % the one norm
B(n,7)=norm(A,'inf');% the infinity norm
B(n,8)=norm(A,'fro'); % the Frobenius norm
for t=2:11
The only thing remained to me is that I want to change some names of entries like this
How can I do that? I was wondering if you could help me about my problem.

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