How to remove the H:M:S in datetime variables when "writetable" to Excel

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Hi! I find a problem in my datetime variables when writing my table results into Excel via "writetable".
  • I would like to keep the D/M/Y format (e.g. 15/03/2008) in the table, but I finally find that the Excel file shows the D/M/Y H:M:S format (e.g. 15/03/2008 12:00:00 AM).
I am wondering how can I fix this problem --- so that the Excel file can show the original datetime format (without H:M:S) as in MATLAB.
Thanks a lot for your help!

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Vinesh Katewa
Vinesh Katewa on 12 Jul 2021
Hi Jiashun Wu,
I understand that you want the output in D/M/Y format and not with the H:M:S which is the default output of the function. To get the output of datetime function in a specific format, you can use the 'Format' name value pair with datetime function as follows:
>> T = datetime();
>> D = datetime(T, 'Format', 'dd/MM/yyyy');
Hope this helps.

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