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on 10 Mar 2020

Ben Ausdenmoore submitted a Comment to Problem 656. Calculate Euler's phi function

I'm pretty sure eulerphi(1) is 1. Mind checking that please! I'm just going off the table given through your link there.

on 4 May 2012

Ben Ausdenmoore submitted a Comment to Problem 597. The Birthday Phenomenon

@Gary What you might be seeing is that the default output from Matlab is only 5 digits (generally). So you're probably seeing something like 0.0027 for X = 2 but if you multiply that answer by 1000 you will see there are still some digits trailing after the 7. @Venu I think that's just an issue with how I did the calculation on my end. You're right that I should have it as 0.9999 in the test suite even though that is super close to 1 (the actual probability). I'll also make it clear in the brief that the answer should be out to 4 decimal points.

on 20 Apr 2012

Ben Ausdenmoore submitted Solution 78650 to Problem 76. De-dupe

on 18 Apr 2012

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