Problem 179. Monte-Carlo integration

Solution 16892

Submitted on 30 Jan 2012
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
%% 1d integral: integrate x^2 from 0 to 1 fun = @(x) x^2; assert(abs((dquad(1,fun) - 1/3)*3)<0.01)

Error: Undefined function or variable 'I_correct'.

2   Fail
%% 2d integral from the example fun = @(x) x(1)*x(2); assert(abs((dquad(2,fun) - 0.25)*4)<0.01)

Error: Undefined function or variable 'I_correct'.

3   Fail
%% constant in most dimensions fun = @(x) 1+sin(x(1)); assert(abs((dquad(50,fun) - 1.45969769)/1.45969769)<0.01)

Error: Undefined function or variable 'I_correct'.

4   Fail
%% volume of d-dimensional 2^d box with a spherical hole, d between 5 and 10 d = randi([5 10],1) r = rand*0.8 fun = @(x) 2^d*(norm(x)>r); dball = exp(d/2*log(pi)+d*log(r)-gammaln(d/2+1)); assert(abs((dquad(d,fun) - 2^d+dball)/(2^d-dball))<0.01)

Error: Undefined function or variable 'I_correct'.

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