Solution 1925996

Submitted on 8 Sep 2019 by Banister
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
x={'01', '56'; '234', '789'}; y_correct = '0123456789'; assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(x),y_correct));

2   Pass
x={'' 'a' '1'; 'AA' 'BB' 'CC'; 'dog' 'cat' 'car'}; y_correct='AAdogaBBcat1CCcar'; assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(x),y_correct));

3   Pass
x={'We' 'do' ;'ll ' 'ne.'}; y_correct='Well done.'; assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(x),y_correct));