Problem 44358. I Plead the Fifth

Solution 1307765

Submitted on 21 Oct 2017 by Viko
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
question = 'Are you the fifth child?'; assert(isempty(I_plead_the_fifth(question)))

2   Pass
question = 'Were you at home on the night of 24 Oct 1974?'; assert(strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'yes') || ... strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'no'))

3   Pass
question = 'Did you go to work on 15 Oct 1955?'; assert(isempty(I_plead_the_fifth(question)))

4   Pass
question = 'Did you go to the bowling alley last week?'; assert(strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'yes') || ... strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'no'))

5   Pass
question = 'Do you like bread?'; assert(strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'yes') || ... strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'no'))

6   Pass
question = 'Are there five fingers on your right hand?'; assert(isempty(I_plead_the_fifth(question)))

7   Pass
question = 'Do you like pumpkins?'; assert(strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'yes') || ... strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'no'))

8   Pass
question = 'Do you have fifteen siblings?'; assert(isempty(I_plead_the_fifth(question)))

9   Pass
question = 'Do two quarters equal fifty cents?'; assert(isempty(I_plead_the_fifth(question)))

10   Pass
question = 'Do you own five dogs?'; assert(isempty(I_plead_the_fifth(question)))

11   Pass
question = 'Is my name Harry?'; assert(strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'yes') || ... strcmpi(I_plead_the_fifth(question),'no'))

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