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How many people use MATLAB or Simulink in your organization?

1 (just me)
More than 100 (e.g. University)
I can't even guess.
8483 votes

Mahider Alemu
Mahider Alemu on 23 Jul 2022
In our university most of the project need MATLAB/SIMULINK due to this in our university more thah 5000 school community use matlab either for project/thesis/dessertation or for normal class assignment/laboratory work
Amir Assadi
Amir Assadi on 30 Mar 2022

I have used MATLAB for research, in my teaching classes, and encouraged my PhD students to use it. MATLAB has made lasting contributions to development of many fields of knowledge. I am grateful to fellow mathematicians who founded and navigated its course of development through past decades.

Amer Sam
Amer Sam on 23 Mar 2022

Matlab is the biggest bulshit i have ever seen

Juan Diego De la Rosa
Juan Diego De la Rosa on 29 Mar 2022

It certainly is

Kiana Maillet
Kiana Maillet on 23 Mar 2022


ABOK ODHIAMBO on 22 Mar 2022

How can I navigate RegenSim library in Matlab R2013a? I can't find the library though I seriously need to model a renewable energy conversion system.

Danny Lacayo
Danny Lacayo on 10 Mar 2022

hi give me a scholarship

DGM on 9 Feb 2022

Well I wouldn't exactly call it "organized"...

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Feb 2022

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