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Newton Raphson method for Transcendental equations

version (2.26 KB) by Chandan Kumar
Evaluates the root of transcendental equation using Newton Raphson Method.


Updated 05 Oct 2009

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This code evaluates the root of transcendental equation with the help of Newton Raphson method with enhanced features like vanishing of differential of a function, Infinite cycling for root due to a poor initial approximation or when a root exists but differential does not.
Use of symbolic Toolbox is advised.

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Chandan Kumar (2021). Newton Raphson method for Transcendental equations (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Chandan Kumar

Yeah, you can try modifying the code to run as many times as the number of equation and provide the initial values in the code itself or during execution. Code currently do not have the provision to define transcendental equation before the execution begins, so you have to provide that during execution one by one or modify the code to accommodate the same feature.

Danny MA

can this code solve this equation set (several equations) at the same time?

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