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Bresenham Circle

version (1.55 KB) by Chandan Kumar
Circle drawing by Bresenham Algorithm


Updated 08 Oct 2009

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Code uses Bresenham Algorithm to draw a circle, with a modification parameter to increase/decrease the step for calculation of point. Bresenham Algorithm is used to reduce the calculation needed for drawing a circle by making use of property of symmetry.

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Chandan Kumar

Hi @skoura djouder,

funplot is custom function just to plot a points that constitute Bresenham Circle. For details refer to any of the online resource for Bresenham Circle drawing algorithm. The idea implemented in "funplot" is to use the symmetry property of circle to plot 4 points in different quadrant of circle with only one set of points in a quadrant that is calculated using Bresenham algorithm.

skoura djouder

What's the funplot function please?

Nicolas Perillo


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Created with R14SP3
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: 3 integer algorithms for drawing circles

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