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Ellipse generation

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Generation of ellipse using Midpoint ellipse algorithm


Updated 08 Oct 2009

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Generates elliptical shapes using the symmetry computational effort is minimized.

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Chandan Kumar (2021). Ellipse generation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Chandan Kumar

It is important to know that the graphics that we see in a computer screen is not continuous . Instead due to rasterisation of graphics pixels are drawn even if the supposed graph touches or passes through it partially and due to finite size of pixels they might not appear smooth. In order to show the exaggerated effect of finite pixel size and choice of pixels under the considered algorithm, I have assumed that one pixel is of size 1x1 unit. Then I have only illuminated the centre of that square pixel. For a more detailed review of raster drawing technique, I recommend that you go through this link(similar in nature):
And I formally apologise for not writing a detailed description. Thank you for raising the issue, I hope it would help to better understand the working of this particular code.


It would be important to mention in the description, why the ellipse in the example image is not smooth.

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Created with R14SP3
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