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Distance between points and ellipse

version (9.77 KB) by Rody Oldenhuis
Compute the distances between an ellipse and an arbitrary number of points, in 3D

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Updated 10 Jun 2018

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The solution to the problem of calculating the distance between an ellipse and a point is less than straightforward. The problem can be solved analytically however, which boild down to solving a quartic equation in cos(f), with (f) the true anomaly on the ellipse.
This submission implements this and computes the distances between any 3-D ellipse and an arbitrary number of 3-D points.
This is part of:
Ik-Sung Kim: "An algorithm for finding the distance between two ellipses". Commun. Korean Math. Soc. 21 (2006), No.3, pp.559-567
See also my other submission, distanceEllipseEllipse.

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okay, so for the example in your .m file to work, u,v need to be normalized before calculating the coordinates of those two points.


a = [2.0 1.2];
b = [0.5 1.0];
c = {[0,0,0],[1,3,0]}; % location of centers

u = {[1,1,0], [1,0,0]}; % both oriented in XY-plane
v = {[-1,1,0], [0,1,0]}; % to visualize them more easily

does not seem to calculate a correct minimum distance?


Description update

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(1) Changed description (should've used the "preview" button..)
(2) Removed the ML 2009a/b tilde-syntax for better compatibility
(3) corrected small bug in the error handling (bracket bug)

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