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Daylight Savings Time

version (1.6 KB) by Nate
Checks if a date is during USA daylight savings time

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Updated 20 Jul 2011

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Function takes a date as a string in 'mm/dd/yyyy' format and outputs a
logical, true if the date is during daylight savings time for that year. See
definition of daylight savings time in the USA

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Can alter to accept Matlab time as input as follows,

if ~isstr(timeIn)
Date = datestr(timeIn, 'mm/DD/YYYY');
Date = timeIn;

Mark Morehead

This only works for 2007 and onward. The date definition changed in 2007 by President Bush Jr. It would be helpful if this allowed for input of a vector of Matlab's "datenums" instead of a text string.

Jeff Mather

Pretty much does exactly what you would want it to do.

Moeti Ncube


Hey Moeti,

This is because these dates are during USA daylight savings time. The 2011 switch occured 11/06/2011, and therefore

is_Daylight_Savings('11/06/2011') = 0 (false)
is_Daylight_Savings('10/31/2011') = 1

so there is no problem.

Moeti Ncube

Good idea, however something is not right...


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