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Monte Carlo simulation (simple and parallel)

version (3.54 KB) by Felipe Uribe
Failure probability estimation of a simply supported beam using deflection criteria.


Updated 17 Oct 2014

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The probability of failure of a simply supported beam is estimated by means of MCS. Two computations are performed:
1. Using simple MCS
2. Using parallel computing 'parpool'
Finally, a graph showing the failure probability curves is obtained

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Zhang Huile

Felipe Uribe

Thanks for the info Ryan.
Learning parallel computing in MATLAB is one of the points on my to-do list, I hope to post later an improved code using this advantage.

Ryan G

This is a pretty cool demo. You could utilize parallel computing to speed it up and use more than 10 runs in a reasonable amount of time since Monte Carlo achieves better results with more runs.



The updated program includes a parallel computing implementation using the 'parpool' (matlabpool) command, and also corrects some minor mistakes.

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