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Generate unit geodesic sphere created by subdividing a regular icosahedron


Updated 19 Mar 2015

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Creates a unit sphere created using regular triangles with resolution defined by a given number of subdivisions.
[V,F] = icosphere(N) generates to matrices containing vertex and face data so that patch('Faces',F,'Vertices',V) produces a unit icosphere with N subdivisions.
FV = icosphere(N) generates an FV structure for using with patch.
icosphere(N) displays the icosphere as a patch on the current axes and does not return anything.

icosphere on its own uses N = 3.

icosphere(AX,...) plots into AX instead of GCA.

Differs from MATLAB builtin function sphere(N) in that it creates a uniform grid of triangles rather than quads formed by stacks and slices (UV sphere).

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wil (2021). icosphere (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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