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Spectral stochastic finite element method: 2D plane stress example

version (3.95 MB) by Felipe Uribe
Solution of the plane stress example proposed in Sec. 5.3 of the book by Ghanem and Spanos'


Updated 12 Dec 2017

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A 2D plane stress solid with uncertain elasticity modulus and subjected to deterministic distributed load is analyzed by the spectral stochastic finite element method. This reference example is described in Sec.(5.3): "Stochastic finite elements: A spectral approach" by Ghanem and Spanos.
The main function 'main_ssfem_plate.m' contains a step-by-step solution of this problem. Several references to equations and useful comments are written in order to provide a better understanding of the code. The program estimates for a number terms in the Karhunen-Loève expansion (variable 'KLterms') and a given order of the polynomial chaos (variable 'p_order'), the mean and standard deviation displacement response fields; also the corresponding PDF and CDF of the displacement at a given degree of freedom of the solid. The folder 'result_MCS' contains a .txt file with the solution obtained by the Monte Carlo simulation method for comparison purposes.
A complete description of the method is in:

It is worth mentioning that another implementation of this example can be found in the FERUM software

Any suggestions, corrections and/or improvements will be kindly accepted :-)

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hamid reza

li jian

well done.


* Efficient computation of the PCE for the response displacement
* Minor bugs

Minor description updates

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