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Read PEER ground motion


Updated 27 Sep 2018

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This program is used to read ground motion data from PEER database.

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Works great! This is awesome.


Very useful function, thanks a lot!


@ Fabrizio Salvatore Stramaglia

filefolder = 'H:\Google Drive\Thesis\asd_peer_analysis' ; % the folder where the data is stored
pulse_directory = dir([filefolder '\*.AT2']); % .AT2 extention is need to read acceleration files.
% If you want to read velocity or displacement, write .VT2 or .DT2, respectively.

ns = fix(length(pulse_directory));

for kk = 1 : ns

fl_nms{kk} = pulse_directory(kk).name;
[acceleration{kk}, dt(kk, 1), npts(kk, 1), rsn(kk, 1)] = ...
readPEER(filefolder, fl_nms{kk});

acceleration{kk} = acceleration{kk}*g;
acceleration{kk} = acceleration{kk} - mean(acceleration{kk});


How can I extract time_series, dt, npts and rsn data for a series of ground motion data files taken from PEER database? Is it possible to apply the function for all files at the same time? In which way?


@ Xinzhe Yuan thanks for the suggestion. Suggested improvement has been implemented.

Xinzhe Yuan

very useful file, thanks a lot.

One quick question please, if you change the format after the fid using one '%f' instead of 5 and the variable 'CollectOutput' to 0 (zero) instead of 1 in the textscan command, it will automatically generate a vector, saving some efforts to generate one series by yourself.




Minor improvements

File selection is added

Changed the file name

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