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FFT-fast S-transforms: DOST, DCST, DOST2 and DCST2

version (331 KB) by Luigi Riba
Analyze your signals or your images via the dost (dcst)


Updated 28 Nov 2020

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This code allows the computation of the discrete orthonormal Stockwell transform (DOST) and the discrete cosine Stockwell transform (DCST) in 1D and 2D. The implemented algorithm is FFT-fast.
The folder includes:
ST_algorithms.pdf - a graphical description of the implemented algorithms;
ST_tutorial.m - a tutorial that describes the use of these transform in 1d and 2d;
ST.m - the implementation of the algorithm.

In the files, you can find a brief description of the Stockwell transform (S-transform) together with a short reference list.

If you find this code to be useful for your research, please cite the paper in which it is mathematically described:
U. Battisti, L. Riba, "Window-dependent bases for efficient representations of the Stockwell transform", Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 23 February 2015,, (see Proposition 13 and Remark 4).

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Luigi Riba (2021). FFT-fast S-transforms: DOST, DCST, DOST2 and DCST2 (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (6)

Bharath R

I am working on S Transform to analyse a test signal of 10000 samples with frequencies 0 to 500Hz. I have referred some journals in which i found Modified S transforms were having better control on frequency resolution but it is taking lot of computational time for 10000 point signals whereas it is working fine for 1000 samples.I have come across the code written and posted by you. I will be grateful to you if you can clarify following points from your program.

1.Is the bandwidth division is having any specific rule or it can be user defined.
2.What modification i must do, so that program works for any length(samples) of signal
3.I am interested to get very high frequency resolution(0.5hz) from 0 to 60Hz and rest of the spectrum can be any division.

Peter Kirkwood

Can i have matlab code for image compression

bouh asm

please can you send me matlab code for dchwt transform for 1d signal

Death Saurer

Death Saurer

That so very good day.
Let me turn to you asking for your kind help in order to get the code in matlab for the fourier transform of continuous-time (FFT) directly and inversely, since my knowledge in matlab are not very good.
I appreciate who I can help and collaborate.
Excuse my bad English and my native language is Spanish

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