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Signal Analysis with Matlab Implementation

version (1.1 MB) by Hristo Zhivomirov
A GUI for signal analysis in the time, frequency and time-frequency domain.


Updated 29 Oct 2017

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Signal Vision is a user-friendly application for signal analysis in the time, frequency and time-frequency domain. The analysis includes oscillogram, correlogram, spectrum and spectrogram visualization of the signals and some signal statistics, including but not limited to: positive and negative peak values, average, average-rectified and root-mean-squared values of the signal, along with information of time and frequency resolution of the analyses (where applicable).
A few example files (.dat, .txt, .wav) are given in order to clarify the usage of the application: “ECG.txt” could be analyzed in the time domain (e.g. for a diagnosis purpose); “BuriedSignal.dat” could be analyzed via correlation or/and in the frequency domain (e.g. for the buried sine-wave components detection), and “Glock18.wav” could be analyzed via correlation (e.g. for a fire rate measurement).

The code is based on the theory described in:

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