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Three Phase Shunt Active Power Filter using dq0 transformation

version (32.4 KB) by Niranjan Bhujel
Simulink model of dq0 transformation based three phase shunt active power filter


Updated 15 Oct 2017

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It solves the problem of harmonic current in power system. It also compensate reactive power and balances load on three phase(if load is unbalanced).It measures load current and then transforms to dq0 coordinate system. Initial position of d axis is chosen in such a way that active part of current is given by d axis. Oscillating part of both d and q axes component of load current should be injected to remove harmonics. Non-oscillating part of q axis component should be injected to compensate reactive power. Zero sequence component should be injected to balance the loads. In this way, current that should be injected is calculated in dq0 coordinate system. It is transformed to abc coordinate system. This current is reference compensating current . The compensating current is injected to the network via three phase inverter using hysteresis band current control(HBCC) method. In this way, harmonic and reactive component of load is supplied by this shunt active power filter.

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Koi mujhe ye model samjha sakta h plz
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Hi Niranjan, It's good to see Pulchowk Campus Graduate doing such projects. I have few questions regarding this project. Can you contact me on my email

I have fixed the bug and updated the file. Please redownload and run the file.

can u please help me out over here... it is giving me the following error

"Ground block does not have a parameter named 'GotoTag'"

Shubh Yadav

sir please send 2013 or 2015 model to


Some bugs fixed.


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