Easy way of saving figures to publication friendly format.


Updated 9 Jul 2014

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Easy way of saving figures to publication friendly format

Usage: [Args=]savefigure(name[,property,value,...])

properties and default value
'Size',[3.3 2.5] inches
'FontSize',0 fontsize multiplier
'MinFontSize',8 minimum fontsize in pt
'LineWidth',.5 linewidth multiplier
'MinLineWidth',.5 minimum linewidth in pt
'MarkerSize',.5 markersize multiplier
'MinMarkerSize',3 minimum MarkerSize in pt
'Margins',[0 0 0 0] [Left,Right,Top,Bottom] - can be used to set margins (relative units)
. * When using automargins then this will be interpreted as additional margins
. * when a single number is specified then it is used as a multiplier to the tight-inset used for auto margins.
'PrintOptions','' (OBSOLETE! Use Format or file-extension instead)
'Format','png' if not specified then it will be inferred from the filename

close all;
savefigure('test.png','s',[3.3 2.5])

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Aslak Grinsted (2023). savefigure (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R14
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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Version Published Release Notes

Fixes for R2014b

Added handling of legends and colorbars.

I submitted an update earlier today, but a major bug sneaked into parseArgs.m ... This has been fixed in this version.