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"Getting Started with MATLAB" video example files

version 1.0.0 (1.43 MB) by Matt Tearle
Example MATLAB scripts for the solar panel example shown in the "Getting Started with MATLAB" video


Updated 25 Apr 2019

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Data is in the spreadsheet SolarArrayProduction.xlsx. This consists of recorded electricity production from two MathWorks solar panel arrays, recorded every 15 minutes for the month of June, 2018.

The script developed in the video is solarproduction_model.mlx.

Examples of extra data analysis tasks are shown in solarproduction_analysis.mlx. Some sections of this script require Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox(TM).

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Comments and Ratings (13)

An excellent tutorial to show off Mathlab's Potential. I'm looking forward to make good use of it at work. Thanks!

Golrokh Nouri

this was the best introduction tutorial I've ever seen. Thank you!

Pawel Machal


Christian Batista

This is perfect!! Will help me with my own solar panel project!

Giovanni Dottorini

very interesting

Peeyush Pankaj

Hasib Ur Rahman

Peng Xu

Higor Pozza

Joe Tyler


I'am impressing this work

Junran Cao

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