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Save Wavefront .OBJ files (simple or colour)

version 1.0.3 (5.32 KB) by J. Benjamin Kacerovsky
Saves triangulated mesh objects as wavefront .obj files, optionally with user-defined face or vertex colours.


Updated 01 May 2020

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Saves triangulated meshes (FV struct, such as the output from the built-in isosurface function) as .obj files, together with the corresponding .mtl files in the current working directory.

obj_write saves the input mesh as a simple wavefront .obj file, optionally with an .mtl-file defining a single white material. No additional inputs or settings are required, only the FV struct and filename to be saved.

obj_write_color and obj_write_RGB provide options for saving coloured .obj file. The two functions differ in the way facevertex colour input is defined.

Colour information can be passed to the obj_writer_color function as an Nx1 array, in the same way, 'FaceVertexCData' would be defined as input for a patch object. Values will be mapped to a user-defined colormap (default='jet') to define face-colors of the .obj object.

Colour information can be passed to the obj_writer_RGB function as an Nx3 array of RGB value triplets.

N can be equal to the number of faces (1 colour/face) or vertices, in which case face colour will be defined as the average colour of the 3 face-vertices.

Each face colour is saved as a new material in the .obj file (in the current version Ka=Kd=Ks). To limit the number of materials in each object a binning parameter is defined (RGB_bins).

Object transparency can be optionally defined (default=1 for a solid object).

rotateVertices is a useful small function to rotate points defined by xyz coordinates around each axis by user-specified angles.

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J. Benjamin Kacerovsky (2020). Save Wavefront .OBJ files (simple or colour) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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updated the description


added obj_writer. A simpler script that just saves a .obj file (without colours). obj_writer requires fewer input parameters (only FV and filename) and should be easier to use if colours are not required


comments updated

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