scGEAToolbox (single-cell Gene Expression Analysis Toolbox)

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Single-cell Gene Expression Analysis Toolbox


Updated 8 Jul 2022

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There are many features of scGEAToolbox as a comprehensive function package for single-cell transcriptome analysis.
All Essential Functions
With simple clicks, you can explore data with user-friendly interfaces and access updated functions for all essential tasks in single-cell transcriptome analysis.
Scalable 3D Visualization
scGEAToolbox is optimized to visualize hundreds of thousands of single cells with MATLAB's high-quality interactive techniques, helping you to transform raw in-house data into insights.
Versatile Data Integration
scGEAToolbox supports a wide range of cross-study analyses and data integration to deepen your biological understanding. Public scRNA-seq data in the GEO database can be imported without programming knowledge.
Free and Open-Source
Source code for generating the standalone application is available at the GitHub repository. You can also find relevant citing publications by visiting Google Scholar.
Standalone Application
SCGEATOOL ( is an end-to-end desktop application based on scGEAToolbox. SCGEATOOL is a pre-compiled standalone application providing access to all of the functionality of the scGEAToolbox encapsulated in a single application.

Cite As

Cai, James J. “ScGEAToolbox: a Matlab Toolbox for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data Analysis.” Bioinformatics, edited by Yann Ponty, Oxford University Press (OUP), Nov. 2019, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btz830.

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