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Phase Noise on QPSK Signal
As the note suggests, y = obj(x) is equivalent to y = step(obj,x) starting R2016b. In R2016a, y = step(obj,x) is the correct sy...

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using linkBudgetAnalyzer and saving input parameters with GUI window
Saving, and loading, of settings or sessions is currently (R2019a) not supported in linkBudgetAnalyzer. This functionality may b...

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Is the Simulink MSK MOdulator baseband block doing differential encoding?
The *MSK Baseband Modulator* block performs differential encoding, similar to the 'diff' encoding option of *mskmod* function. S...

environ 3 ans ago | 0

How can I change magnitude in "step" function to decibels?
Displaying the impulse response magnitude in dB is currently not supported. However, you can set the "PathGainsOutputPort" prop...

plus de 3 ans ago | 0

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16QAM-OFDM Modulator using Comm Toolbox in Simulink, What is the Number of Symbols?
Here is an example in the product that shows the use of QAM Baseband Modulator with OFDM Modulator - hope this helps. http://...

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Strange Error in MATLAB hdl coder
This is masking the actual error which you may be able to see in the "Build Log". Click on the drop-down arrow next to the "Buil...

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