NVIDIA Tesla and Quadro GPUs

High-performance parallel computing using NVIDIA GPUs and MathWorks parallel computing software


  • Accelerate MATLAB ® computations using CUDA-capable GPU devices with Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™
  • Perform implicit programming through MATLAB data types
  • Perform explicit programming through integration of CUDA kernels
  • Scale up to GPU clusters with MATLAB Distributed Computing Server


GPUs are commodity processors that are designed from the ground up to be massively parallel computational engines. NVIDIA GPUs today power many of the top 500 fastest supercomputers, including the fastest petascale system in the world. 

NVIDIA and MathWorks have collaborated to deliver the power of GPU computing in MATLAB. Learn more about MATLAB GPU Computing with NVIDIA CUDA-Enabled GPUs from MathWorks, or MATLAB Acceleration on Tesla and Quadro GPUs from NVIDIA. 

The GPU computing capabilities in MATLAB and Parallel Computing Toolbox let users enjoy the performance of massively parallel computation, but without programming in C or Fortran. Users can also scale up to large GPU clusters using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.


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