Image Systems Evaluation Toolbox

Digital Camera Simulator simulates image scene, capture, processing, and display


  • Database of calibrated multispectral image data
  • Industry-standard test targets and image quality metrics
  • Design and analysis of scene and optical parameters
  • Design and analysis of pixel and sensor parameters
  • Intuitive, point-and-click interface
  • Open programming interface for proprietary algorithms


The ISET Digital Camera Simulator simulates the complete digital camera reproduction pipeline. It combines optical modeling and sensor simulation with image processing algorithms. Beginning with calibrated multispectral scene data, the user interactively explores how changes in the scene's physical parameters, imaging optics, sensor electronics, and image processing influence image quality.

Engineers use ISET to select, evaluate, and optimize a complete digital imaging pipeline, including optics, sensor components, and image processing algorithms. Image quality tradeoffs are assessed with the aid of many built-in metrics, such as optical modulation transfer functions (MTFs), pixel and sensor signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and color tools based on international standards (CIE chromaticity coordinates, color matching functions, CIELAB, SCIELAB, and others). ISET uses a MATLAB® interface to provide users with easy methods for changing and evaluating scene and system parameters. A set of MATLAB interface routines makes it convenient to access and replace the data at any stage in the pipeline. The open architecture of MATLAB enables students and engineers to access physically realistic data from the simulator and test novel hardware and algorithms.

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  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
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